Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Day two of not spending any money. Boo! I like spending money. I like to buy things. Stuff. Mostly I like to buy myself food. Mocha's, French Fries, Sub Sandwiches. However that is exactly why I always spend more than I should and don't have enough leftover to make a dent in my debt.

I did get an unexpected bonus though- no, not a work bonus, that would have been awesome- but a special treat nonetheless. I received a coupon in the mail for a free small McD's Frappe! No purchase necessary! I got one this morning on my way to work and it wasn't bad. I got the Mocha Frappe and it tasted pretty much like chocolate syrup. Probably densely caloric too.

However it is now 2:40pm and I am dragging! Perhaps there was more sugar in the drink than actual caffeine. Still, I appreciate the gift and believe me coffee is a gift!

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  1. Erica- Good idea, but we don't have a coffee maker. Most of the staff is anti-coffee. Weirdos. Lol.