Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010

I am sitting at home listening to Ten out of Tenn off their website. Currently Griffin House is playing and I am in love. Here, sit alone at home at night and listen to this:

Like most songs it is the looping of the chorus that gets me involved in the sentiment of the music. I saw TOT when they came and played at the Knitting Factory. Actually I really went to support Jody Schneider, a singer songwriter I am most privileged to call Friend. I was blown away by her new material but I had no idea what to expect with Tenn. Phenomenal. Fun, interactive. I don't smoke but I had a feeling that listening to them was the physiological equivalent of taking that long first drag. I'm hoping to see them again if they ever come back to Boise. Fingers-crossed.

Anyway, Griffin House has finished and other songs by other artists play as I write this. I have fallen once again out of love. I guess it is as good a way to start the new year as any. Better than some.

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