Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Car Update: For the price of a new cable for my battery and a trip to Nampa's Junkyard Jungle to hunt for a special part (which I hunted for and found all by myself!) my automatic seat belt is up and running! Woohoo! Special thanks to my boss and co-worker for their free labor! I am however in the market for a new car but am tentative about the process. Wish me luck!

Health Update: I continue my reduced calorie diet of which, according to the scale at work, has lost me about 7lbs. I have however fallen off the wagon twice within the last three days. Today was good though- right on track. I still haven't added any specific exercise. I know I can't avoid it forever. I guess I just don't have the stomach for it right now. Oh, wait- I DO have the stomach for it right now! (Cue bad joke finale- bom bom bomp!)

Financial Update: I got approved for a small loan towards a home or townhouse. The market is thick with inexpensive homes right now. I'm casually looking but am also feeling content in my apartment. Still if I can find a place I like with expenses similar to my current situation I wouldn't mind. I have to think clearly though. The extra expense of a car loan will shift my available funds substantially.

Kitchen Update: So, have I emptied my kitchen as proposed? Not so much. I don't have a real excuse except to say it is easier to count calories by purchasing food already portioned out. For example- a lot easier to consume a frozen meal at 400 calories then try to limit myself to only 400 calories of macaroni and cheese, of which I've known myself to polish off a whole box by my self. I have made some headway just nothing significant.

Romantic Update: Big fat Zero.

Spiritual Update: If you thought I lacked discipline in the other areas of my life wait till you hear this- I can't tell you the last time I cracked open a Bible. As much as I want to grow closer to God I am trying to grow without nourishment and it is not working so well.

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